10 March 2013

Nathan's Letter Dated 2-25-13

Hey guys, so this week has been craaazy. We had two baptisms this week. The first was Valentina on Friday, she is so cool! We have been reading the stories of the Book of Mormon with her and she is now in like Helaman almost to 3rd Nephi. José was the other guy who got baptized this Sunday, and he invited ALL of his family and they all came. The good news is that we are going to send missionaries to visit some of his family in the other part of La Serena.

In addition to proclaiming repentance and baptism, we have been very busy finding new houses and departments for the new missionaries who will be arriving here on Wednesday. We had quite a few miracles this week because on Friday morning we needed to find three more houses before the end of the day! After lots of prayer and a good breakfast, we went to town and found two of the three in one day. For this time of year, that was a MIRACLE!

Well I really don’t have a lot of time to write, but the other big news of the day is that my companion, Elder Montero, is leaving the area and I will be receiving my new companion on Thursday morning. I will for sure give all of the details next week and everything will be a lot more relaxed!!

I love you guys!

Elder Hales

The District

Elder Hales and Elder Montero ready for work!

Valentina gets baptized!

Valentina's Family

Jose gets baptized!

Jose and his family

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