05 December 2012

Nathan's Letter Dated Dec 4, 2012

The Quiroz Family


Well this week was really fun. We had a bittersweet weekend. It was sweet because an amazing family got baptized. Cecilia is the mom, Javiera the daughter, and Ismael the son. I felt very blessed to be a part of their baptism. It was also bitter because Elder Stone is finishing his mission in two weeks, so he left our area and is working for two weeks in another area before he goes home. Elder Stone is one of the best missionaries I have ever known, so it was sad to see him go. But, the Lord always provides, and he sent me a really, really good companion to replace Elder Stone.

My new companion is Elder Juarez from Mexico City, Mexico. He has about 13 months on the mission and he is 24 years old. He is a convert to the church of four years and a practicing lawyer. He is really calm and relaxed as a person, and a fireball as a missionary. We had an awesome day yesterday, we found a new family to teach and we had some really good lessons. I am excited to be his companion, and I am sure we are going to do well. He looks just like an American, and everybody thinks that he is, so they always compliment him on his Spanish. Hahaha

Funny story of the week:

On Sunday morning we decided to fill up the baptismal font during the church services, because the baptism would be held right after the services ended. So, after the first hour the font was still filling up well, and we decided to leave it, go to the class, and come back in twenty minutes to check up on the font. Well, the class was about missionary work, and the teacher asked us to talk about experiences we had had in the mission and the Spirit was there very strong. Unfortunately, the class was so intense that we forgot completely about the font that was filling up. Well, when someone burst into the room and yelled "the font!!", we remembered. hahaha it had overflowed!!! The classroom for the young men and young womens was filling up with water!

So, we had to go turn it off and get out the mop and bucket to clean up all the mess. I have a picture of the water that also filled up the hallway while we cleaned it up. Haha well all that was cleaned up in time for the baptism, and everybody felt better afterwards.

I felt very privileged to have been able to baptize this wonderful family. These moments change lives, especially mine.

Un besito,

Elder Hales

Oops!  The baptismal font overflowed!

Elder Stone, Ismael, and Elder Hales

The Quiroz family gets baptized.  Elder Hales, Cecilia, Javiera, Ismael, and Elder Stone

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