26 November 2012

Nathan's Letter Dated Nov 26, 2012


Hey guys, I hope it’s going really well. So, this week was sweeeet! Let me tell ya about it.

On Tuesday I got a call that I had to play the piano in a funeral service in a nearby hill, so we went with two other missionaries. When the funeral was just about to start, the guy announced that the missionaries would be doing the special musical number, and that we would be singing I Believe in Christ. Hahaha well, the three other missionaries stood up, and I went over to the piano, and we did the special musical number with like 150 people watching. hahaha that was hilarious.

So, on Monday my companion and I went to go get our hair cut. Well, an 85 year old man cut my hair. I tried to explain to him what I wanted (just a normal cut) and he nodded his head as if he understood me, so I sat back and relaxed. Thirty minutes later he had given me a huge comb-over haircut that is pretty similar to the hairstyle of Elder Holland. hahaha well, I did my best to fix it up a little, but it still looks pretty hilarious.

So on to the good stuff. The Quiroz family all attended church on Sunday! Javiera for sure will get baptized on Sunday, and possibly the rest of the family. Javiera is an awesome 15 year old girl who is really quiet. When we first started teaching her, it seemed like she was the least likely to understand and accept the gospel. However, we invited the entire family to read the Book of Mormon and pray to know if it is true. She did it! We asked her if she felt like it is true, and she said that she received an answer from God that it is true. Since then, we have seen a huge change in her, and she is super excited to get baptized to receive the Gift of the Holy Ghost.

We are still teaching the awesome Flores family. Harasnelly had her treatments in the hospital this week, and we didn´t get to see her until Friday afternoon. We were able to give her a priesthood blessing. She just has so much faith in Jesus Christ, and in the blessing she was promised that she would be healed of her disease. I know it will happen.

We also had a funny experience yesterday night. We went by a member referral and contacted Patricia, an older lady who lives with her husband. We started talking to her about how her family could be with her forever. She said that she had many family members who had passed away, but she had them with her always. My comp said something like, "I know that you keep them very near to your heart". She responded, "No, they actually are here with me, look behind you!" haha I was a little nervous when I turned around, but it there was only three jars with the dust of her parents and sister on the shelf behind us. She was right! haha but she accepted to read the entire Book of Mormon, so that will be awesome.

I love being here on my mission, there is nothing like it!

Elder Hales

The view from Nathan's apartment on a typical Sunday morning

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