19 November 2012

Nathan's Letter Dated Nov 19, 2102

“Hello, hello. One two three, one two three!!!”

Haha everybody here, as soon as they see that we can speak English shout that out to us, as if to prove that 8 years of required English class in school really paid off.

Hey, so this week started off well. My companion and I ordered pizza hut, which was delicious! However, Tuesday morning Elder Stone woke up with a fever, and by Tuesday night he was throwing up all over the place. The rest of the week has been dedicated to helping him get better. He felt well enough to go to church on Sunday, but that was it. Haha it was a tough week! However, I escaped out once or twice to work and I was able to teach our families. But, none of them came to church due to complications. So, today we are just kind of starting over the week again. Our good friend, Harasnelly, will start her treatments tomorrow, and we have an appointment with them tonight. So, we will definitely be praying for them during this tough time. 

Yesterday we had an awesome lunch that is called choriana. It is just a pound of fries and another pound of meat (of every kind) poured on top. It is just terrible for you, but SO tasty.

Well, there isn`t much more to tell, haha, but this week will be full of amazingly spiritual experiences, and lots of miracles. So, be ready for next week`s letter, because it will blow you away!

Un abrazo,
Elder Hales 

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