12 November 2012

Nathan's Letter Dated Nov 12, 2012

This week started off really well. On Tuesday, I went to Viña to work for the day with one of the assistants of the president. I have to admit that it was really fun to go to McDonald’s and eat lunch with Elder Arredondo and President Kähnlein. Then, we did a little work in the office and went out to teach. We drove around in the truck the whole day, and I didn’t have to walk at all! haha I felt like a missionary in the U.S!! I learned a lot, and was super excited to work when I got back on Wednesday. 

Then, on Thursday we had a follow-up appointment with a family that we talked to while walking to an appointment earlier in the week. Little did we know that this was going to be one of the coolest families I have met in Chile. La familia Briones Flores is amazing. There are six of them, starting with the parents, a girl of 14, a girl of 10, a boy of 5, and a little girl of 1 years of age. The ten year old, Arasnelly, has cancer and had an operation about two months ago. Miraculously, she survived and will be starting chemotherapy soon. She is such a special girl. She reads the Book of Mormon every night and understands everything we teach her. She makes sure that the family does their prayers at night, and is super excited to go to church. Unfortunately, they couldn´t go yesterday because they already had family visiting, but they are set on going this Sunday and they really want to get baptized. They are just amazing.

Also, we had the familia Quiroz come to church this week. They loved it! We also had a baptism of Sylvana, a little girl in the ward who´s family just got reactivated. She asked me to baptize her, so I have a couple of pictures to send of that. So, that family is doing really well, and they are hoping to get baptized on the 25th of this month.

Additionally, we have Hilda, an awesome lady who has been to church and loves it. She couldn´t go this week because her grandchild was getting baptized in the Catholic Church at the same time. Don´t worry though, we are teaching the rest of the family today :D
Friday we had a great meeting in Viña with all of the zone leaders. It was a special meeting because it was my companion´s last zone council. He, along with a few others, bore his testimony about the mission. It was SWEET!
I sure do love you guys, thanks for keeping up with me!

Elder Hales

Sylvana's Baptism!
November Zone Leader Training (courtesy of misionvinadelmar.blogspot.com)

Sister Hugie makes sure the zone leaders learn some new exercises! (courtesy of misionvinadelmar.blogspot.com)

A Zone Leader Huddle (courtesy of misionvinadelmar.blogspot.com)

Elder Hales and Elder Stone are first in line for lunch!  Me gusta spaghetti!  (courtesy of misionvinadelmar.blogspot.com)

All the zone leaders (courtesy of misionvinadelmar.blogspot.com)

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