12 November 2012

Nathan's Letter Dated Nov 5, 2012


Como estan poloco? I am doing great. I have heard about some sort of election going on in the states tomorrow, something important, apparently. People these days just ask us if we are going to vote for the Mormon president, like people in the street that we don`t even know. Many people here in Chile think that it would be harmful to the church to have a Mormon president, but would vote for him anyway. I will be excited to hear about the outcome. 

Our families are doing really well here in the ward. We had a new investigator going to church today. Her name is Hilda, and she LOVED it. We did not get the entire Quiroz family to church, but we will be having some great lessons with them this week, as well as a sweet Family Home Evening with a member family. We have been very fortunate to find some really, really good families this past week, and hopefully we can get them all to church this week. This upcoming Sunday I will be playing the piano for the primary program, which should be very fun. 

It is really difficult to keep my white shirts clean when I wear them every day of the week, but they are still holding up... at least until I finish the mission. My shoes are getting pretty worn out, and when it rains the water gets in, but they will last me until I finish as well. 

We had a really cool experience this week. We had a lesson with a family who doesn´t really go to church much due to family problems. We decided to talk about the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, or the Atonement. We really wanted everybody to understand, so we decided to do an activity. Elder Giessing, one of the elders who lives with us is a very muscular guy, so we used him in the demonstration. We made everybody think about if we had to come before God today, how prepared (1-10) would we be to live with Him in His kingdom. So we all wrote down our numbers. Then, every person said their number, for example a 4. Then, Elder Giessing did 6 more pushups to make up for what they lacked. He did that for every person in the room (there were like 15 of us). As he did the pushups, we all thought about the literal sacrifice that Jesus Christ did for each one of us. He suffered for each one of us individually, thus He knows us perfectly. Although Elder Giessing was probably the only one in the room who could do so many pushups, it was still hard for him. 

We read a scripture in the Book of Mormon that says that the Grace of God is sufficient for each one of us, "after all we can do". We must do everything possible to reach 10, but even when we fall short, Christ can pay the rest. 

I love you guys,
Elder Hales

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