31 October 2012

Nathan's Letter Dated 10-29-12


So this was a sweet week that we just had. As far as the missionary work goes here, we are doing really well. We have almost all of an entire family committed to getting baptized in November, and a few other people committed as well. The familia Quiroz is just awesome, and four of them came to church yesterday. The already have lots of friends in the church, and they are progressing really well. We had an awesome lesson with them on Saturday night where we taught them the plan of salvation and baptism. The Spirit was really strong and they all felt the need to get baptized to fulfill their divine destiny. One of the members that we brought with us is called Gabriella. She spoke about how important an eternal family is to her, and she began to get emotional as she realized just how important her family is to her. I think that her testimony was one of the keys to the progress of this family. 
We also have Antonio, who can get baptized in one week, but just needs to recieve a confirmation about the Book of Mormon first. Claudia is also committed to getting baptized in November, and she has a large family as well that are not members. Hilda is an awesome lady who is about 70 years old, and she just loves hearing about the gospel and Jesus Christ. She is also planning on getting baptized soon. 

Today we are going to go play basketball with some members and other missionaries in Rodelillo. I hope it doesn’t get too competitive ;)

Well, things are going great, and I am just really happy and content with my life right now. This week we talked to a man who is very bitter and unhappy. He seemed to think that I was a missionary only because of what my parents have told me. He said that I would not be here in Chile representing the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints if it wasn`t for my parents. He was right. However, what he didn`t want to realize and what I tried to explain to him was that my parents did not tell me what to believe. They taught me correct principles and invited me to know for myself if these things are true. I went to God, who does not lie, in order to confirm what my parents had already taught me. I received an answer, and I now know for myself that these things are true. I know that this is the only true church on the earth because God has told me so. If you cannot say the same thing, then I invite you to kneel down and ask God if it is not so. He will answer!

I love you guys,

Elder Hales

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