31 October 2012

Sight-Seeing on P-day

Elder Hales in front of the monument of the famous Arturo Pratt.  He led 300 soldiers against an army of 2000. He is known for his bravery and tenacity.

A kind member family took the elders sight seeing on P-day.  This is their daughter.

Elder Goodell and Elder Hales in front of the Marinero building

Nathan gives a thumbs up to a marinero

An old fire truck in front of the station.  Boys will be boys!

Cool graffiti all over the city

This is how you climb the steep hills of Valparaiso!

The hills are so steep you ride an "acensor" to the top


The "acensor" is part tram, part elevator 
A staircase full of graffiti

Elder Stone the pirate.  Huh?

A street view in Playa Ancha.  Notice the kids on the roof!

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