10 December 2012

Nathan's Letter Dated Dec 10, 2012


Hey guys, how´s it going?! So this week was very fun. We were able to see some sweet miracles and the week just flew by. Yesterday we had four confirmations in the ward, and I had the privilege of confirming Javiera. I was nervous to give a blessing in front of 140 people, but it went pretty well. Elder Juarez, my new companion, and I are getting along really well. He is really loving and always makes my bed or irons my shirt for me. Well, I am just competitive so I try to out-love him by doing service. hahaha probably not the right reasons to serve... but I did feel good while serving. One of the new missionaries in the zone that lives with us is elder Fuimaono, from Hawaii. He is Samoan, and huge. He played football for Arizona, and he is super funny. So, you can get an idea of what our pension is like!

Friday we had a meeting in Viña, and it went really well. This month we have lots of things to do. We are preparing the mission for all the hermanas (sisters) that will be getting to the mission in a few months. It is going to be crazy! haha

Well, this week we had too many good experiences to write you all, but I suppose I will choose one.

Saturday night we had a ward activity, and a new member, Rodrigo, decided to invite his two cousins to come with him. We met Daniel and Sebastian, his two cousins, at the activity and invited them to go to church. Daniel went (Sebastian couldn`t go) and felt so good that right there he decided to become a member of the church. We are going to start to teach him today. Rodrigo didn`t know what his cousins would say or do, but he invited them anyway. He knew that they could feel what he had already felt at the time of his conversion. He had the confidence that God would do His part as long as he did his part. God did do His part, and now at least one of his cousins will be able to become a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. We all know somebody who we can invite to an activity, and especially to church. We may not know the future outcome, but we trust that God will do His part if we do ours. Let us invite others to feel what we have felt and to learn what we know is true! Because it is true, I know it is true.

Have an awesome week, look for miracles and guidance from our Heavenly Father.

Elder Hales

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