01 October 2012

Nathan's Letter dated Oct 1, 2012

So today is an overcast day here in Valpo and I am sitting in a little ciber (cyber cafe) on avenida argentina here in Valparaiso Did you know that Google has a street view of some of my area? Just go to the torre valparaiso and take a look around. I am in a ciber really close by. Now you guys can see exactly where I am and what it looks like!

So the choir is coming along pretty well. We had two more practices this last week, and we are starting to sound pretty good. We are singing I believe in Christ. Not only am I directing and playing the piano for the choir, but we are going to be holding the conference with Elder Oaks in our chapel. That means I will be preparing and cleaning and setting up from like 6:30 in the morning until it starts at 9:30. The entire mission is coming! Also, Elder Oaks and possibly Elder Bednar will be attending stake conference in my building on Sunday. Talk about a good time to get an investigator to church!!!
I am also really really really excited for General Conference this week. We are going to have a blast with all of the missionaries and members all of Saturday and part of Sunday. 

Also, on the 15th my companion and I and a family from our ward are going to be doing a little bit of sight seeing here in Valpo. They know all of the good sights and are going to show us where to go, so hopefully I will be loaded down with some sweet pictures that day.
Well, today I am going to make some smoothie stuff because last week we didn't get to do it. I think I am just going to buy peanut butter and jelly stuff for lunch today. We went running four times this week, and today we went the furthest ever. We made it all the way to the beach in Viña and back, and it took us like 45 minutes to do it (and my companion runs really fast! hahaha). 
I did a baptismal interview of a really cool girl called Vanessa who is 11 and will be baptized this week. She really likes tae kwan do and could probably beat me up. But, she reminded me a lot my sisters.

Well, we are going to be having lots of miracles and baptisms and confirmations this month. I can feel it! We are going to try a new idea this week called crazy hour. We are going to choose a time during each day where, if our plans fail, then we will just talk to literally everyone we see and knock every door in sight like crazy for thirty minutes or so until we find somebody to teach. It is just pure miracle time.

Elder Hales

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