24 September 2012

Nathan's Letter Dated Sept 24, 2012

Hey guys!

So in Chile, when people are in their house and they don't want to talk to the missionaries they yell out the window, "no hay nadien!!" Terrible Spanish, first of all, and it is just so funny to hear somebody yell to me "nobody's home!" when they obviously are! One time, my companion decided to tease a man who yelled that when we knocked on his door, so he said, " Hey! I didn`t know that ghosts could yell so loud!" haha, well the man did not like that...

So this week was 18 de septiembre, and all of Chile was celebrating its independence from Spain. Everybody buys TONS of meat and TONS of beer and goes to town. Nobody works all week long, so every night is party night. As a missionary, it was a little difficult to talk about God during such a week, but we managed alright. We did get stopped by a lot of drunk people to talk about God. It is really hard to avoid them in our white shirts and ties, and they even chase us when we try to run away, so we just talk to them and let them cry on our shoulders. Right now we are teaching a LOT of really really awesome people. Juan y Sandra are progressing really really well, and should get baptized in two or three more weeks. Bruno, a 12 year old kid, is doing super well. His mom and him just need to keep going to church and he can get baptized soon. He is really awesome and plays soccer really well. Marco attended church again and is getting ready for his baptism in October as well. He is such a good guy, and he like knows everything we have taught him by memory. Claudia and her family are doing well, but just need to go to church!

But, the best story of the week was Omar. He is a pretty poor guy, but is such a strong and determined person. This week he has stopped drinking and doing drugs by just laying in his bed and reading the Book of Mormon. He said that it has been the hardest thing he has ever done in his life, but he is doing it! We will be praying that he can quit for good.

I hope you have an awesome week!

Elder Hales

Cooking "asado" at the home of Andres Retamales, a church member in Valparaiso

Brother Retamales

A view of Valparaiso from the Retamales' balcony

Elder Hales and Elder Stone

The missionaries' gourmet kitchen

Overlooking the city and the Pacific Ocean, Book of Mormon in hand.

A stake event where each ward danced a different version of the "cueca," a typical Chilean dance.

A ward activity.  Games included musical chairs, a tug-of-war, and sack races.

Cool graffiti!

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