18 September 2012

Nathan's Letter dated Sept 17, 2012


Hey guys!

So I had a really fun week. I was able to attend several trainings and I went to Viña like five times this week. I am just loving my new companion, Elder Stone. We have really gotten into a good routine from the start of the change. We have been teaching a lot and we have been finding a lot of really good people to teach. We currently have some awesome people who have come to church and want to be baptized. One of those people is Juan. We found Juan while talking to people on the street about a month ago. We started going by his house to teach him and his wife, who turns out to be a less-active member. Juan at first really didn`t want to hear much of what we had to say, but was more interested in teaching us what he knew about the gospel. Well, we finally got the chance to teach him about the plan of salvation. We taught him about the purpose of his existence, where he came from, why he is here on the earth, and where he will go after he dies. As we finished the lesson, he sat back and thought for a second about what he had taught him. He slowly began to get teary-eyed as he realized and felt that everything we taught him was true. He and his wife both were just crying for joy as they heard the real truths of the gospel. The funny part of the story is that he always used to tell us that we are in diapers compared to the pastors that are on the radio. Well, at that moment he looked at us and said that he knew what we had said is true, and that no pastor (as good as they seem to be) could have told him those truths. Now, he is progressing well and is like a sponge to everything we teach him. He and his wife will have to overcome a few addictions before he can get baptized, but they are doing it. It is just an amazing experience to be able to teach them.

Well, we are all looking forward to GENERAL CONFERENCE!!! which will take place in a few weeks. I love you guys and hope you have an awesome week.

Elder Hales

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