14 October 2012

Nathan's Letter Dated Oct 8, 2012


Well, this week has been super fun. One of the highlights was finding and teaching two English teachers from England and Scotland. They are both 18 and are here for a year to teach English and learn Spanish. We found them on the street and started talking to them in English, and then we asked to go by their house. So we went over and talked to them for an hour about religion and their beliefs. Unfortunately, they really didn´t believe much in God. But, it kinda of gave us an idea of what a missionary might feel like in Europe. It was so different, but so cool!!

Well, our buddy, omar, is still progressing well. He lost his job last week, but found a new one just before conference day, so he did not get to see general conference. However, he is doing really well in leaving behind the old addictions of his former life. He understands the gospel really really well. He just needs to get married, and then he will be ready to be a faithful member of this church.

Antonio, another investigator that we have, came to general conference and really liked it. He now has come four times to church. However, he has had some complications with his family, so he cannot get baptized yet. However, we had a tour with his girlfriend and her two kids, and we are going to start teaching them this week.

We found a really cool lady called Hilda, who is the grandmother of a new member. She really wants to get baptized like Jesus did, and so we will be teaching her this week as well.

Our friend, Lorena, is progressing super well. She went to general conference and felt something special when the prophet spoke. She has now come twice to church, and only needs to get married to get baptized.

This week we also had a meeting in Viña where President Kähnlein made a lot of changes. The mission is changing a lot, but definitely for the better. We also saw a presentation from the new mission secretary that made me want to go into business when I get home. It was so cool! I also had an awesome interview with President Kähnlein, and I left feeling so inspired. One thing I learned was this: setting a goal is making a promise. When I set a goal, it must be completed. This helped me to refocus myself to what is really most important in my life.

So the most exciting news of all is in two weeks Elder Oaks will be here in Chile. I am preparing a missionary choir for our meeting with him on the 20th. That will be with all of the missionaries in our mission. It will be so fun! Also, if I stay here in Valparaíso this next change, then I will be here for the stake conference that Elder Oaks will hold here on the 21st.  A lot of exciting things are happening!

A big hug,
Elder Hales

 A flyer the elders made to remind the members to have family home evening.  They make it look fun!
Elder Hales looking chipper one morning before companion study.

Zone Leader Training for October (courtesy of misionvinadelmar.blogspot.com)

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