27 August 2012

Nathan's Letter Dated Aug 27, 2012


Hey guys, so this week was a week of miracles. We really have been lacking people to teach this month, so we decided to fast and pray to know what to do. This week our prayers were answered! We received a referral from Valaparaiso Oeste this week that is a man who has already been to church a few times and has been taught a lot. His name is Marco, and he will be getting baptized soon. Also, while we were sitting in church we saw a man walk into the back of the room and sit down. So, as soon as the final prayer was said, I ran over there to talk to him. His name is Rodrigo, and he was getting to know the church in the south of Chile when he had to move all of the sudden due to economical reasons. He came here to Valparaíso with his wife and five kids to look for work. He came to church the very week he got here. So we are really excited to get to know the whole family and teach them. We also have been working hard with the members here to help them invite their friends. We have even been doing practices about how to give out a Book of Mormon. Some of the families are really getting excited to share, and we are really excited to see the results. 

Also, I have forgotten to tell you guys that every Saturday we have a service project as a ward. We are working on, and have almost finished building, a house for a member in the ward. She lost her husband recently and is only 25ish, so we have been helping her get her house built. I honestly have no clue what to do, but there are a few "maestros" who tell us what to do. I have really learned fast how to avoid hitting my fingers while putting in a nail. It has been a very fun experience, and la hermana Karen is always so happy when we help her out. This Saturday I spent four hours removing dirt from behind her house so that the rain doesn´t carry it inside her house. I was SO sore the next day! Haha

Today I will be eating completos for lunch. They are basically hot dogs with lots of tomatoes, avocados, and mayonnaise on top! I hope you have a sweet semana (week)!

Un abrazo,

Elder Hales

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