10 September 2012

Nathan's Letter September 3, 2012


Hey guys, so today we had a activity in our zone here in Valparaiso. We watched a video of Gordon B. Hinckley that is called a Giant Among Men. It is about the life of the late prophet of the church. It is super funny and inspirational. Then, we went over to telepizza and ate personal pizzas for 2 bucks. It was funny because while we were eating on the second floor of the telepizza we saw a student protest. They have stopped going to school here in order to lower the prices of education. Thus far they have only been repelled by the police. But they seem to enjoy getting beaten up, so they are out there in front of our house like daily. We also saw something crazy happen today. We were waiting outside of a store when we saw a bus almost wreck into the back of a taxi. The taxi driver got out of his car and busted out a window of the bus with a metal pipe. Then, he got back into his car and tried to take off. The bus driver pulled ahead of him and tried to cut him off, but the taxi driver got away. The craziest part was that there were people riding in the bus AND the car. They didn´t even seem that fazed. Hahaha it was crazzzy.

So we had a ward activity last Friday. It was a noche de risa (night of laughter) and the whole ward showed up. At the last minute somebody asked us to do something. So... we decided to sing and dance to a backstreet boys song. Yep. It was so funny because we didn´t even practice and nobody knew the words. Fortunately, Chileans don´t understand English, so we were able to wing it well enough. I have the video, so I will try to send it to you guys soon. There were some hilarious acts, but my favorite by far of the night was the skit done by the high priests. It had me crying it was so funny. 

We are almost to the end of the change, and this Friday we will have a meeting in Viña again, and next Monday I will be doing changes with the zone, so Tuesday I will be writing again. 

I know I haven´t really added anything too spiritual here lately, so I just thought I would mention a little of what I have been thinking this week. I see here in Chile (especially Valparaiso) that many families are being destroyed. There are too many single parents and lonely children. It is not uncommon to see little kids of 4 or 5 just wandering alone in the street. The men leave their families to go out and drink and party with their friends. I don´t know if the rest of the world is the same, or worse, but it scares me to think of the world that my children will be raised in. I know that God loves all of His children, and He wants all to come back to His presence. Therefore, He has called a prophet to guide us in these, the last days. If we listen to the voice of the living prophet, we will never be led astray. Look for and learn about Thomas Monson. Read the Book of Mormon!!!! These things are true.

I love you guys and wish you the best of luck this week!! 

Elder Hales 

Keep the Faith

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