09 June 2012

Nathan's Letter 5-21-12


So this week has been great! The work is moving forward, and I am appreciating more and more the blessings of God in my life. Here is my crazy story for the week.

I live in an apartment with three other missionaries. The four of us work in the same ward, but with different areas. One is my companion (Elder Morocho de Ecuador), and the other two are Elder Judd and Elder Mateski. On Thursday the other two missionaries went to do service at a member`s house. They were cutting wood when all of the sudden a piece came loose and cut open the hand of Elder Judd. It wasn`t too serious, but he decided to throw a band-aid on. While he was doing that, his companion, Elder Mateski, decided to continue cutting (they were using a pick to cut the wood--we are in Chile :D). The same pallet of wood decided to launch another piece of wood at Elder Mateski`s hand. It broke his pinky finger! So the two of them had to go to the hospital here in La Serena and it turns out that Elder Mateski needed surgery. So, the president of the mission did an emergency change and sent elder Mateski to the mission office in Viña del mar. Elder Judd got his new companion at six in the morning on Sunday. It was a pretty crazy weekend for them!!

Well, I hope that you have a great week. I love the timely counsel from a living prophet of God, President Monson. He said that having a good attitude can bring miracles in to our lives. Let us all have good attitudes, regardless of the circumstances that we may be in. I know that God will bless us if we do!

Elder Hales

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