09 June 2012

Nathan's Letter 5-28-12


Hey guys, it is good to be writing to you once again. I just want to get in a few cool stories from this week, and give you all a quick update with what’s going on here. 

Yesterday I had a pretty cool experience. My companion and I always plan out our next day at the end of every day. We had a lot of plans on Sunday, but unfortunately a lot of them fell through. Instead of just running around and talking to people while knocking on as many doors as possible ( a satisfying thing to do), I did my best to listen to the Spirit to tell me where to go. After every failed appointment, a family came to my mind to visit. At every visit we found ourselves in a situation where we could serve or bless those families. That was awesome!

We also had a sweet experience last Friday. We have decided to visit a little town that is about twenty miles away from where we live that is called Las Rojas. We are teaching a nice lady named Aurora there who was a referral from a member. We had an awesome lesson with Aurora and put a goal (set a goal) for her to get baptized in July. We then left her house and decided to explore a little. We were able to find and teach another family who lived close and set appointments with other families in the area. We are really excited to go back there and to start working with these awesome Chileans who had never in their life seen a Mormon missionary. 

Cool fact of the week: Chileans are addicted to bread. Every day about lunch time and dinner time you can see some member of every family run to the closest store to buy bread for the meal. It is a great time to contact!!

Un abrazo,

Elder Hales

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