20 May 2012

Nathan's Letter 5-14-12

Hey guys!!

So, this has been my first week with Elder Morocho. He is from Duran, Ecuador. He has about three months in the mission (same as my last companion). He was in a little area called Los Vilos with Elder Junker (blog fans will know that I lived with Elder Junker here for six weeks). He is a good missionary and willing to work hard. We will be having a lot of success here in La Florida. 

So, this week we will have a baptism in the ward!!! Elder Judd and Mateski will baptize a mom and her daughter this Saturday. We are very excited for them, and we will be getting a lot of OUR investigators there. 

Right now we are working with a lot of really good people. We are going to take our work up a notch and we are going to get every single one of them to the waters of baptism. They all need it! We have the chance to help normal people with a lot of problems to become members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints who have the POWER to overcome and deal with their problems. 

I was able to chat with my family this week; that was definitely the highlight of my week. We had a few complications, but in the end we were able to talk for a good amount of time. It was fun to introduce them to a family in our ward who lent their house and computer to us. It was fun to see my dad and brother and even my mother talk to them in Spanish. 

Thank you for all of your prayers and help!

Elder Hales

Las Rojas - a pueblo outside of La Serena that is part of Nathan's area.

Lovin' it in La Serena

"La Pension" - Elders Judd, Hales, Villatoro, and Mateski

A new family in the ward that the missionaries have helped a lot with their house.

The Vergara Vial Family.  They shared their computer with Nathan so he could skype home on Mother's Day!

Nathan and his zone

Lunch at McDonald's before Elder Villatoro leaves

I'm Lovin' It!

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