20 May 2012

Nathan's Letter 5-7-12

Hola Amigos!

Well, here we are at the end of another transfer. I am still here in La Serena, but my companion is moving on to another part of the mission. My new companion gets here tomorrow, and I won`t know who he is until I see him! haha how fun.

I am super duper excited to talk to the family this weekend. I am also really excited to stay here in the ward. We are going to be working like crazy here, and we will see results! Thank you for all the prayers offered in my behalf.

Okay, so I just want to give you guys a quick run-down of who is being taught right now.

Francisco: He is an awesome guy who has a few doubts about getting baptized, but this month we should see him in white.

Rojas Torres Family: A sweet family who is composed of a mom, dad, son, daughter-in-law, and young son. We met them just a few weeks ago, and they are awesome.

Hector: An 80 year old man who we have been teaching for awhile. He is just learning about who God is and what He desires from us.

I appreciate all prayers in the behalf of them and my companion and I. I pray for you every day.

Experience of the week:

I had an amazing experience that was pretty much the climax of my time with Elder Villatoro. We taught an amazing family on Sunday afternoon. From the moment we sat down to teach until the time that we walked out of the house I felt the Spirit. It wasn`t just a "good feeling" that stuck with me, it was the Spirit directing our words and actions. The questions we asked and the questions that they asked were obviously inspired. My companion and I both talked, but the words were the same. I literally felt like it didn`t matter who`s lips were moving, because the same words were flowing out of both of us.

We taught about prayer. We taught about receiving revelation from God.  We were the means whereby the Spirit taught this family how they can solve so many of their problems. This family (Rojas Torres) is a good Christian family that doesn´t go to any church. They have a firm belief of Jesus Christ, and they want to do what is right. Unfortunately, Satan is attacking the families from all sides. This family has had a lot of problems, but we are going to do our best to direct them to Christ and help them to heal.

I was just so grateful that the Lord trusted us enough to use us as His servants. I know without doubt that the Lord guides us to His chosen children. I know that if we just listen the Spirit will guide our words. Revelation from God is real.

Elder Hales

Guardad la Fe

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