09 April 2012

March 26th letter

Well, we have come to the close of yet another ¨change¨ here on the mission. We have changes every six weeks and I am about to start my sixth change. I am still with my amazing companion, Elder Villatoro, from Guatamala. People here think his name is super funny because they say I got a sick stomach because of him. Here the word ¨guata¨ means stomach, and ¨mala¨ means bad or sick. So, I got a guata mala because of my comp. Hahaha well it is pretty funny for us down here in Chile. Hey, and we had a SWEET temblor the other day. I was sitting on the couch reading my scriptures when I felt the weirdest thing. It felt like a wave passing UNDER the ground. I could feel it pass under my feet and continue on to the north. Then came three huge rumbles and the house started to shake. It wasn´t so bad that things tipped over, but it was strong enough to knock over Elder Mateski, who happened to be in the shower. hahaha.
So, we are having a blast here in La Serena and we are getting some work done. We have a goal of four baptisms the next change, and I know that we are going to get it! We have been working hard, and we have some awesome people who are getting ready for baptism. I would really appreciate a prayer or two for them. It is really hard to make certain changes in their lives. With God all things are possible. Hey, also we have General Conference this weekend. I honestly haven´t been more excited for anything else in my life. It is going to be SWEEEEEET! Hey, we should all prepare for this conference with prayers and questions. It is always easier to receive revelation from God when we are looking for it!
I really love you guys. I love the people of Chile. I even feel love for those who gently close the door in my face. I hope we are all working together in the work of the Lord. There is nothing more important in the world. I know that Jesus Christ lives. Let us remember Him even more during this time of year. I am His representative.
Un abrazo fuerte,
Elder Hales

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