23 March 2012

Nathan's Letter 3-19-12


Hey guys, so I am recovering from a week of sickness. This was my face all week long.  D:

Yeah, so we haven´t had much of a change this week, just a lot of sleeping and getting better. I think I lost about six to eight pounds just this week. Everybody told me I looked super skinny at church. The weirdest part of this sickness is that I have lost all desire to eat food that I KNOW that I like. For example, I have had to turn down chicken and mashed potatoes. Who doesn´t like that? I couldn't eat it.

Well, the only other cool thing that happened this week is that Sandra and Jorge both came to church again! Haha and they said that they want to get baptized in front of the teacher of the gospel principles class. Sweet, eh?

So we are hoping to be able to go to the temple in a couple of weeks with the whole ward. That would be an awesome adventure! We would go all the way down to Santiago for the day, and then drive back at night.

Who is excited for GENERAL CONFERENCE???? Listen guys, we have a chance to listen to the prophet. How could we afford to miss even one session? I am hoping that we all will be working hard on bringing all of our friends and neighbors to this conference and give them a chance to listen to a prophet of God. It will be an incredible experience!

I love you guys. I know that God loves ya too.

Elder Hales

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