09 April 2012

Letter from April 2nd, 2012


So I probably just had the best weekend of my mission. I will tell you why in the way that my little sisters write me their letters:

Thursday- normal boring day

Friday- Friday night was sweeeeet. The missionaries put on a talent night here in serena 4. We had acts from the kids, missionaries, young womens, and relief society (the women of the ward). The kids did a hilarious dance to the lion king theme song. They were all dressed up as lions and tigers, except one little princess fairy who just flapped her wings and ran all around the stage. Then, the missionaries had a skit that was "A day in the life of a missionary". We got a few laughs with our silly antics. Then the young women sang a popular pop song, and the relief society did a sweet dance to Michael Jackson´s thriller. They got all dressed up like zombies and a little boy from the ward was little michael. 

Saturday- We ate lunch early and then went on down to conference until 11 at night. General Conference was broadcasted to us gringos in english, and there were even a few men from the ward who spoke english who watched with us.

Sunday- ANOTHER day of conference. I think that we should make it a week-long event.

Well, I was asked an interesting question the other day. "Why in the world are you on a mission?" I thought I would like to let you guys know what I said in response. I told him that I did it because I love my family. I wanted to come on a mission to be like my dad and my brother. I knew my mom and my sisters wanted me to. They have been a source of inspiration and direction in my life that I would be lost without. I also knew that there were people waiting for ME that needed to hear about the Gospel and needed to have a family like mine. However, the most important reason why I came on a mission is because I know that Jesus Christ lives. Being obedient to His commandments, like going on a mission, is one of the only ways we can show Him our love and gratitude. 

Like Elder L. Tom Perry said in his talk this weekend, It is great to be a mormon!

I love you guys, 

Elder Hales

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