09 April 2012


Hey guys, so I hope that you had a great Easter week. The semana santa here is well known and celebrated. Everybody goes to visit their family members and then go to the beach. As a result, there were not a whole lot of people on the street or in their houses. But, this week we started working with members of the church who have stopped attending or who have part-member families. We also concentrated on working with new members to help share the Gospel. We spent a lot of time in houses teaching, and we also were blessed with many new people to teach. One of the highlights of the week was to find a very receptive family yesterday afternoon. We only were able to teach part of the family, but the seven that we taught all accepted to be baptized in May. We are hoping to get all the members pumped up to work hard to bring their friends to activities and Sunday meetings. This Friday we are hosting a family night for the ward. It will be a super fun activity based off a story in the Book of Mormon. We also have planned a service project for the community hospital on Saturday morning.

We had the opportunity this week to share with a lot of people our message about Jesus Christ. We watched videos, read scriptures, and shared experiences about how He has affected our life. I was very moved by the testimonies that I heard of Him. I felt all week long that everything I knew of Him is true. He really did pay for our sins to fulfill all righteousness. He hung, alone, on the cross of Calvary. He rose again the third day. I know that this is true. It means that we will all live again. Everything that is unfair about life has been made right by Him. He is our mediator, our advocate before the Father. If it wasn't for Him, we would have no chance, no hope, no purpose in life. Because of Him we have the chance to achieve eternal exaltation.

I hope that you guys keep thinking about Him, especially when you feel that He is too far away to hear you.

Keep the Faith

Elder Hales


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