20 April 2012


Hey guys!! So, we had another awesome week this week. I hope you did too!

Friday and Saturday were the most exciting, so I am going to tell ya what went down. Friday we had some awesome lessons and then we went over to the church for our activity. The obra misional (us) planned a family home evening with the whole ward. We decided to have to have the theme of Lehi´s dream, a story in the Book of Mormon. We had a mini obstacle course where the families had to go through together and answer questions to really hard situations. Some of the situations had to do with priorities with the family, work, and church. If they chose well, they ended up at the tree of life. If they chose poorly, they ended up in the grand and spacious building. The overall idea was that the small, everyday choices that we make have very large and defining consequences. We had a large number of members show up and a few even brought friends. It turned out really well.

Saturday we had a fun adventure in a little town that we had to take a bus to get to. We taught an investigator there, and we did a little bit of exploring. We made it back in time to teach Francisco and his family. We decided on a goal for the fifth of may as a good Baptisimal date. Hopefully, everything works out well! Francisco is a future leader in the church and is a very good husband and father. 

So I need to send a shout out to my Grandma Lockhart.  She sends me a letter every week and English Ensigns every month (which we all love). Keep em coming Grandma!  I love  you.

Well, I hope you guys have a great week!

Elder Hales

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