23 April 2012


Hey guys! So we had another excellent week full of adventures. We had a mission conference on Friday that was held in Coquimbo. Those blog fans who have been around awhile know that I started my mission there, so it was pretty sweet to go back to my home town. We had a sweet workshop on the music of the church, and it inspired me to start a ward choir here in La Serena 4. I think it will be the first choir in chile! hahaha 

Okay, story time. So my companion and I were finishing up a study in the chapel on Friday when the young women's presidency came in to use the chapel. They didn't have a key to the church, so we let one of the sisters borrow our key. The next night as we were finishing up we remembered the key and decided to go get it. We showed up the house and the family let us in. We started to chat for a second when the father came into the room obviously very upset. He had had a few problems with his son and was in a pretty bad state. The good spirit that we felt left immediately. We had no idea what to do. Suddenly I heard the tune of one of my favorite hymns come to my mind. Count your many blessings! So we finally convinced the family to sit down and sing the song with us. The spirit returned and we were able to share a story in the Book of Mormon that was perfect for the situation. We left the house and on the way home we realized that during the intense situation in the house we had completely forgotten something... the key!

I know that we needed to be there to help that family, and I know that the Lord sent us there. I also realized that if we are worthy, and when we fill our minds with good things, the spirit can direct us in what we should do. Thank you for every prayer in my behalf, I feel them always. Keep the Faith!

Elder Hales

President and Sister Gillespie join the La Serena zone for a photo. (courtesy of the Vina del Mar mission blog)

Elder Hales surrounded by the other La Serena missionaries

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