09 February 2012

Daniela's Baptism - Nathan's Letter from 2-6-12

Hey guys!!

So this week we had an awesome baptism. Daniela is sixteen years old, and she followed the example of her mom and got baptized. Thanks to her example, her brothers will get baptized this Saturday. Also, we have an AWESOME hermana that will get baptized this Saturday. Her name is Patricia and is about 40 years old. She is seriously super, super awesome!! 

Well, I want to share a good experience with you guys this week. We are working with a forty-year old man named Rodrigo. He has dreadlocks and is a strong believer in God. He has some problems in his life, but the most obvious was that he smoked, and he smoked A LOT!! So we started to teach him the truths about God and His son, Jesus Christ. We helped him see who he really was, a child of God. The first lesson he smoked the entire time. The second lesson he smoked half the time. By the third lesson, he had stopped smoking during the lessons, and we hadn´t even taught him that this was bad!  He naturally began to keep God´s commandments as he learned more about God´s love for him. Rodrigo now has a goal to get baptized in March. He wants to become a missionary and go out with us to teach others. It is AMAZING the change that he has had in the few visits with him.

I know that the Gospel of Jesus Christ changes people. Preach my Gospel says that, "the study of the gospel will improve behavior faster than the study of behavior will improve behavior" (or something like that).  I know that this is a true promise. It will be true in my life, your life, and the life or your family. Study the gospel. It is the source of eternal life, and the ONLY way that we can maintain ourselves on the path. Remember, a man cannot be saved in ignorance. (D&C 131:6)

I love you guys, and I am grateful for your help and prayers. Keep the Faith,

Elder Hales

Daniela's Baptism
Nathan riding in a colectivo (taxi) on the way to play soccer

Opening his birthday package!

A birthday party at a Yeime and Daniela's house

Another birthday party!  This time at the branch mission leader's house.
According to Nathan this is "some corn thingy."

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