16 February 2012

Nathan's Letter 2-12-12. TRANSFER & TRAINER

Hey guys,

So, this was literally the craziest week of my life. Monday I got a call from President Gillespie. He was calling to inform me that I was to be leaving Ovalle, that night! So I got all my stuff together and said goodbye to a few families and was gone before you knew it! It was an emergency change. I was going to La Serena (the furthest north in the mission) to be with... Elder Evans! He was originally going to be my companion in Ovalle, but switched with Elder Pintos. Well, I got there on Monday night to be with him in La Serena 4. I am living with Elder Junker (the brother of Marc Junker) and his son, Elder Mateski. There were just finishing up their first change together. So, we worked all week long getting to know the area. I took a couple of pictures, it is a SWEET area. It has more city, and reminds me a lot of Coquimbo. Well, I pretty much assumed that I would be with Elder Evans for at least one change, or seven weeks, in that area. But, we got the call on Saturday night to let us know that one of us would be leaving... and it was Elder Evans!!! I couldn´t believe it. So, we were super confused about him leaving, because it didn´t really make any sense. He had only been there six weeks! Well, Sunday I got a call from the assistants to tell me that I would BE TRAINING!!!!! Whooooo!!!  Haha, I was so surprised! I only have one week in this area, and I will be training here! I am super excited and a little nervous. I won´t know who my companion is until a few minutes before he arrives on Wednesday afternoon. Well, that is where I am at right now. And, they are splitting La Serena into two different zones. So instead of twenty missionaries, we are only going to have 12 in our new zone (we are getting two more). Well, I am super happy and excited to train. It will be an amazing time to learn for me. It is a huge responsibility, but I think I am ready!

Change number 5 here I come!!!

Un abrazo,
Elder Hales

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