23 January 2012

Nathan's Letter 1-16-12

Hey guys!

So I want to start off with a funny story. So my comp and I were walking home after a long day this week. We were almost at our pension when we passed by three girls our age all huddled together in a plaza. We were walking on by when one of them yelled out to us, ¨HI!!¨ So I said hi back and kept walking (I hear hello´s and hi´s and one two three´s all day long, so this came as no surprise). Then, they all started yelling everything they had learned in 8 years of English classes: "I love you, pretty, beautiful, and come back"! My companion couldn´t stop laughing all the way home.

So, the work here is amazing. We should be having quite a few people getting baptized in the next month or two. I am hoping with all my heart that I get another change (transfer) here in Ovalle. It is really hot here. But, we are loving every second of it. 

So, I have something very important to say to someone special. THANK YOU GRANDMA! Grandma Lockhart writes me letters weekly, and I don´t have very many ways to communicate with her, so THANK YOU. I love your stories, they make us all laugh!

Well, I am about to finish the Book of Mormon again on the mission, and I want to remind ALL of you to get out your copies and start reading. These words and stories and examples will change your life! I love this book. 

Something I have been feeling a lot lately is the love that God has for each of His children. He will give us anything we could need, and he will forgive us every single time we make a mistake, even if we can´t forgive ourselves. He loves us. He loves you!

Elder Hales

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