13 January 2012

Nathan's First Week as Senior Companion (Letter 1-9-12)

Hey guys!

So I have like no time today. But I will give you a quick run down of everything that has happened.

1) Elder Pintos is from Buenos Aires, Argentina. He lives in the south mission there and knows some of Justin´s areas. He is teaching me all sorts of awesome words.

2) Elder Pintos only has 3 months in the mission but is super fired up to work. We are really having a lot of success and being blessed a lot! We have another four baptisms planned on the 28th of January. One day after my birthday!

3) We live with two other missionaries and for the first time since I left home I live with other people who like to have a clean pension (apartment). Amazing!!!

4) We did a LOT of service on Saturday. We cleaned up a backyard for a family so they could put in their swimming pool. It was a lot of shoveling and digging. It felt great! Then we went to a lady´s house where there was a HUGE olive tree that was growing all over the place. Four members and I with my companion got to work. We started cutting branches off the tree from the bottom to the top. Then using a 20 foot-ish ladder, I climbed up to the top of the roof with two other men to start chopping down the tree in parts. It was SO fun. I almost died. Hahaha just kidding Mom... But we did have some close-ish calls. Well, it all went well and we were able to help this member out. It is so fun to serve!

5) I love you guys!

Elder Hales

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