31 December 2011

Merry Christmas from Chile! Nathan's letter dated 12-26-12

Nathan got his package by Christmas!  Yeah!

Elder Hyer on Christmas

Missionaries in Ovalle

Elder Hyer and Elder Hales

I had an awesome Christmas! It would have been very easy to pout and to miss the cool presents that I knew the family was enjoying, but instead I took a lot of satisfaction in seeing the humble gifts given to the Chilean kids here. There is this little girl who is the daughter of our mamita. She received a few plastic toys (cups, bowls, and a hot dog) to play with for Christmas. I remember the HUGE plastic kitchen that the girls got a few years ago. How incredible would it have been for her to receive that? She already was super content and playing happily with her few plastic toys that her parents could afford. The dad walks around and sells sweets to provide for his family. I really have learned some amazing lessons here. The Lord is teaching me some amazing lessons.

So right now I am without a companion. He left this morning. It will be a little weird this week, and I will have to be in charge for a while of the work in Limari. However, I am super stoked for my new comp (he wont come until next Tuesday) and to get the work moving here!! I will do my best to send y’all some pictures of the baptisms this weekend.

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