13 January 2012

Yeime's Baptism (Nathan's letter 1-2-12)


So this has been the craziest week of my life! We got my companion, Elder Hyer off to his house on Monday afternoon. I spent most of the week working with the elders of Canihuante, and I even got to go to their baptism. I have a picture of it here. The lady, Erika, is the most loving person on this side of the world! (I didn´t forget you mom ;D) So the baptism went really well, and right after we had the marriage ceremony of Yeime and Nino!!!!!!!!!!! It was so awesome!!!! We had the ceremony in the chapel and then had a party in the cultural hall. Here in Chile it is a little different from the United States because we had to have a representative of the registro civil come to do the ceremony instead of a bishop. So the marriage went super well, and then on Saturday we had the baptism of YEIME!!! WHoooooo!!! It was so awesome!

Yeime got baptized by the district president, President Varela. The service went really well, and it really, really, really pumped up our little branch. The next day after the confirmation the branch president came up and bore a POWERFUL testimony of missionary work and then he was followed by all sorts of other members bearing testimony. I was seriously so pumped! We are going to convert the entire city!!!!!!!!

So, today we had a meeting where we found out all of our changes (this happens every six weeks). I was not surprised to find out that I was staying here in Limari. However, I was super surprised about who my new companion is. Elder Pinto!!!!!! He is from Argentina and is coming down from La Sarena. He is super young in the mission, in fact, he is younger than me! He just finished getting trained, and will be starting his third change in the mission. Crazy huh? So we will have some very young missionaries taking care of this awesome branch.

I really am so pumped to start this change and this new year. I have a lot of goals, but the biggest one is to become a more dedicated servant of Jesus Christ. I know that He lives. I know it. You can know it too! Grab a Book of Mormon and read it. Then, pay attention to how you feel. Then, kneel down before your Maker and ask Him if it be true. I know He will answer you.

Un besito,

Elder Hales

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