31 December 2011

December 19th, 2011

Que tal amigos? (What's up friends?) Les quiero muchisimo, y les agradezco por las oraciones que han hecho para mi (I love you guys and I'm so thankful for your prayers).
Christmas time!!!! WHOOOOO!!!!!!
So we had an awesome activity last Saturday in the capilla (chapel). We told everybody that we were going to start at seven, Chilean time. So, of course, we started the activity right at eight. Haha but that´s fine because we had a decent turnout. I told an awesome Christmas story that we always read in the family before Christmas. It is called a brother like that. It was kinda tricky translating it into Spanish, and then into Chilean, but it all worked out! Haha and then I drugged (drug, dragged?) my companion up and we sang a song. We took turns directing the activity (that was interesting in Spanish) and we had each auxiliary do a skit or song. The relief society did a great job on the song. The Elder´s quorum did a great song and cuento. The primary put on the pesebre.. the word in English is... manger? Well, that went well and the young men and women sang a song. Then, we passed out dulces de la navidad (Christmas candy). It was a very fun night, and worked out really well.
Our investigator family is still progressing. Yeime and Nino will hopefully get married the 23rd, but there might be complications. If so, then we will see the baptism of yeime just a little later on. But, we are going to get this family sealed for time and all eternity.
Christmas will be super fun. Here in Chile we eat a big dinner on Christmas eve (until like 12 at night) and then we go to bed to wait for Santa Claus!
I am so excited to be serving the Lord during this Christmas time. We have been focusing a lot on Jesus Christ and His role in our lives. We are so blessed.
Love ya
Elder Hales

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