09 December 2011

December 5, 2011

So here we are, another week closer to Christmas! My companion and I are planning an actividad for the branch here in Limari. We are super excited to get everybody involved. We are making it an activity of reactivation. We are putting every family in charge of bringing another family that is less-active to the activity. Every auxiliary is going to do some sort of a skit, song, or talent. The primary is in charge of the reinactment of the birth of Jesus Christ. If you guys have any ideas of fun skits or uplifting stories about Christmas, they would be greatly appreciated!
We are working hard with our family here. The marriage will be in about two weeks, and we are hopefully going to have some baptisms the next week or two after. There always is opposition in the life, but through the gospel of Christ, we can make it through okay!!!
So my companion, Elder Hyer, is getting ready to go home right around Christmas time. He is an awesome elder, and I am learning so much from him!
Just so you guys can kinda get an idea of what my area is like here, we have a TINY area. We work a lot with members who have become less-active, and try to work with the friends of members. Listen, the work of a missionary is NOT to walk around all day knocking on doors. When members exercise their faith, and invite their friends, miracles happen! I have seen both ways, and trust me, I KNOW!!!
Haha so go find your missionaries and tell them about every friend that needs the gospel in their lives (hint: that means everybody).
I am learning so much here on my mission. Being with an elder who already has 23 months under his belt has really helped me recognize the things I have already learned. The biggest thing, however, is this:
The church and gospel of Jesus Christ are not just good things in our life. They aren´t even the most important things we have in our lives. The church and gospel of Jesus Christ are my life. There is nothing in this life that brings greater happiness. I have never felt anything more rewarding than seeing somebody pray for the first time in their life.
I love this work. And it is work!
Elder Hales

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