29 November 2011

So I am now in Ovalle, Chile. It is very famous for one thing: It is the HOTTEST part of Chile. I am here during the.. summer! Whoo!!
Haha but its all good because this place is awesome. The branch is fairly small (60 people going to church), but they are all just the kindest people ever! I came into an area where the work is a little slow, but we are working hard to pick it up again. However, we are working with an awesome family right now that are going to get baptized. The wife and husband are planning on getting married on the 16th, and then the wife is going to get baptized the next day. She is a ball of fire, but she also has a great testimony and really wants to get baptized. There are four others in the family who can get baptized, and we are working with them right now. They will probably be ready a week or two later. It really is exciting for me to help these people, because they are super prepared. I hope to be here long enough to help them get a fixed goal for the temple as a family. The Restored Gospel really blesses lives. I can see it!!!
I have already had a week full of amazing experiences here in Limari. It has been amazing to look back at this week and see how the Lord works with two clueless young men in white shirts and ties, and somehow works miracles in the lives of others. There have been countless times when we have gone to the right person at the right time with the right message to bless their lives, and we had no idea at the time! I can just see SO many blessings right now. The promise in 3 Nefi 27 is true. The Lord completes with ALL of His promises. Of this I know with certainty!
Elder Hales
P.S. Rincones are bad. Don´t let them bite you! (I think the word in English is brown recluse)
P.P.S. I had a fun visit with some Jehovah´s witnesses today outside our pension.
P.P.S.S. I love you guys (read the Book of Mormon)

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