03 November 2011

October 24th, 2011

Wow another amazing week! We got Hector and Ursula to church on Sunday, but Matias couldn`t come again! Grrr...
But we are just meeting the most amazing people, and especially.... FAMILIES!!!!!!!

Yesterday was a miracle day, maybe one of the best in my mission. Last week we had a goal of finding 12 new investigators, and as of Saturday we had only found 2! Mal!

So we set a goal of finding six new people on Sunday. Pretty big goal right? Well we worked after lunch and church until like 7 without any success. We found a couple of people and set up appointments for the next week, but nobody that we could teach right then and there (this makes them count as a new investigators). So we had like two hours, and ten people to find. Well, we found an awesome little family of two and taught them. Then we found a family of 12!!!   And we taught five of them. Seven news! And then it was time to head home, and we were very content because we had surpassed our goal of six news. As we were walking up the hill both my companion and I had a distinct impression to knock just one more door. So we knocked on the closest door and a little girl answered. We asked to talk to her parents and her dad came out. We explained that we wanted to sing a song to his family. He let us in to his home and gathered his two kids and wife to him while we sang them a song about families. We taught them that families really can be together forever. The spirit was so strong in the room. We ended with a prayer and asked when we could return. We had filled our entire week up with other people except for Thursday. The only day that they could meet with us was... Thursday. It was a miracle. They are a prepared family of four to recieve the gospel of Jesus Christ. Amazing! 

We found 11 new investigators in one day. We passed our weekly goal by one. It wasnt, however, until we knocked on the last door of the week that we found our investigators. It was a miracle. 
Awesome! Hey we also visited the cross of the third milinium today. There were some amazing views.

I know that this is the work of God. People need this gospel, because it will change their lives. I know it!

Love you all,

Elder Hales

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