03 November 2011

October 17th, 2011


Wow what an amazing week. I had two different divisiones (exchanges) this week. I went out with the zone leader and worked with him on last Monday. We found some awesome people. Also, I went out for a whole day with a missionary who finished his mission last week, but stayed a week extra to go to the celebration of the 50 years of the church in Chile. Elder Case went out with me, and Elder Hughs with my comp. Wow, these are some missionaries! Haha I learned so much from Elder Case. He taught me so many things about how to be an effective missionary. I have to have three things to baptize. Ready?

1. The vision of baptism. When I come to understand the Atonement of Jesus Christ on a deep enough level, and when I come to love the people of Chile enough, I will do everything to help them get baptized. Without that they cannot be saved. Here´s a great quote: ¨Those who give a little ask a little; those who give a lot ask a lot; those who give everything can ask for ANYTHING.¨

2. Work with the members. The members are KEY! We cannot do this work without you.

3. Become an effective teacher. I need to study everyday and work my tail off so that I become an effective teacher. My job is to teach so effectively that people are faced with a choice to follow the truth or not. I need to teach with power and authority.
Haha, so anyway that is what I am working on right now. I think its working, because we WORKED IT this week. We found 19 new investigatores this week alone.

Hey great story, ready?

We went to the house of this really old guy that we had talked to once or twice. We taught him (Hector) about his purpose on earth and about baptism. My companion asked him to be baptized. We waited.. and waited.. and waited. Probably a whole minute of silence. And the spirit was so strong, and I knew that Hector needed to be baptized so that he could be with his wife again after this life. He felt it too and said yes. I asked him to get ready for the 13th of November. He said yes. He is 88 years old!!!!!! WHOOO!!!!
Haha wow so now we have him and his son (ojalá) preparing to get baptized, and also Karen andddddddd Matias!

Matias is doing really great. Hopefully this week we can finish up the teachings and he can have his interview on the 23rd. And then baptism on the 30th!
Okay so on Saturday we had the celebration of the 50th year of the church in Chile. In Santiago, in this HUGE soccer stadium, there was this celebration. The presidency over Chile all gave short talks and then there was a three hour presentation. Now, I know what your thinking. Missionaries watching a three hour presentation? Can they do that?  I had the same question. Haha we watched from 7 to 9:30, and it was sweet! There were different dances from all sorts of South American countries, and, of course, the cueca. The cueca is the dance of Chile, and its pretty fun to watch. All of the sudden, though, there was a HUGE temblor. An earthquake! WHOOO!!! It was super loud and the whole chapel started shaking. It lasted for like ten seconds and then it was over. It was AWESOME! It felt like a huge train went underneath us and on its way. My comp told me that it was the biggest one he´s felt so far.

Well, I gotta run. Hope your all doing great!!

Elder Hales

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