03 November 2011



Pulga (flea) season!!! Haha so just last week the pulgas came out of hiding for the summer. I am looking forward to several months with my tiny friends. Currently, my pulga pet enjoys finding me at night and biting me around 50 times. Sometimes it makes me wonder how it is that he manages to bite me so many times... maybe he brings his friends. Haha but no worries, I am taking the precautions to avoid them as much as possible, and I have gotten my shots, so I should manage to live through the next few months. It is starting to get hotter and hotter every day. De hecho (in fact), I was on intercambios (exchanges) with Tongoy (a town about an hour south of Coquimbo), and I think I got a little bit of a heat fever. I was pretty sick for about 24 hours, and then I was totally fine again! Tongoy is a pretty cool place, the pension (apartment) for the missionaries is literally ON the beach. Lets hope that a tsunami doesn`t hit while I am there! I am going back on Wednesday for another intercambio.

So I am going to update you all on the people we are currently teaching right now in LLANO!

Victor y Marìa- We found them and put (set) baptismal dates with them a couple of days ago. They are both super awesome, and are planning on getting baptized on the 27th of this month. We are planning on doing EVERYTHING we possibly can to help them to that date.

Ursula- She is the best. Ursula is about 50 years old and came to church during the stake conference. She has been asking Sundays off, and she should be good to go from now on. She is a little timid about getting baptized, but this week we are planning on working with her a lot to commit to a date.

Matias- Stud. We are basically waiting for him to finish up all of his school work until tomorrow. He is neck deep in the end of his major, and he finishes everything today. After, we are going to start meeting again regularly and helping him get back to church, and we should be putting a date to get baptized this week as well.

We also have a BUNCH of really great people that we are working with. The plan is to keep our focus on the few people who we know will get baptized, and then help others get into that group of focus.
Well, it was really interesting last night during halloween because this was the first year that halloween has happened here in Coquimbo. Everybody was running around getting candy and dressed up in their disfraces (costumes) and just having a ball. I loved it! We even got some candy from this lady that we taught with her daughter (even though they didn`t say yes to a baptisimal date), which was very nice of them.

Also, I had an interview with President Gillespie yesterday and a chat with his wife. The interview was AWESOME! President knows so much, and he knows what I need. His wife is just simply the best ever. We talked about the three principles of wealth. Really really really cool. I have made a plan to start these three principles in my life now, and make them a habit for when I (hopefully) find somebody who will agree to marry me. I realized how everything that I am learning right now in the mission is just preparing me for the real life afterwards. It really is amazing how the Lord has blessed me with this opportunity. I am grateful every single day to wake up here in Chile, and have the opportunity to learn. I have never made a better decision in my life. I got a sheet from the president yesterday that gave me my numbers for the mission so far. I have already taught more than 130 lessons and have found 60 people to teach the gospel. I have barely begun! What an amazing thing it is to be in the service of the Master.

Love you guys!!
Elder Hales

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