01 October 2011

Nathan's Letter 9-26-11

Dearest blog readers,

Whats up? I hope that you are all just doing great! Also, I hope that you are reading in the Book of Mormon and talking with YOUR Father in Heaven. (Also, go to church) Wow okay so another fantastic week. We are starting to see the work pick up here, although it certainly is not skyrocketing (that´s a word right?). We had an awesome guy come to with us to church yesterday. Matias is an awesome guy that we found on Saturday while looking for his brother. We taught a 20 minute lesson. At the beginning he didn´t know if he even believed in God. By the end he accepted to get baptized, and came to church with us the next day. Stud!

Raul is another younger guy that we have been teaching. He has so many questions! Because his life was changed by an amazing experience with prayer, he is very cautious with accepting another religion. However, the last time we taught him he felt something pretty amazing, and he was pretty emotional. The spirit is amazing! We also have two families that we are teaching right now that are reading and praying. Hopefully we can continue to help them progress. Whooo!

Okay here is my miracle of the week:

We were walking up the street when we passed a guy cleaning his car. My companion asked him if we could help him clean the car. He just kinda ignored us. We kept walking, but for some reason I decided to talk to him. I asked him a question and he was really gruff and didn´t really answer me. So I started explaining who we were. It was strange because normally I wouldn´t bother someone like that anymore. Finally he stopped cleaning and told me that I could teach him right then and there in the street (with tons of cars and noise). So I started teaching him about God´s love for him, how God always calls prophets to guide the world and how they have the authority to baptize, and about Jesus Christ. My companion jumped in and shared the Restoration of the Gospel through José Smith, and I explained the Book of Mormon. We challenged him to read it. He said no. So then I felt very, very inspired to start sharing the ´Most important Thing´. The MIT is that only through utilizing the atonement of Jesus Christ in our lives by being baptized by somebody holding the priesthood authority of God can we become clean in this life and prepare for the life to come. I told him that without this he couldn´t be saved in the kingdom of God. Then, something amazing happened. His countenance totally changed. He was astonished by what I had told him. He suddenly had desires to read the book. He told us that he was sure to read it. He asked how much it cost. He told us that he was going to pray, no doubt. He thanked us fervently. Unfortunately, he lived in the North and was only there for the fiestas. However, I know that the Spirit of God worked through my companion and I to change his heart.

There is no question in my mind that this is the work of God. What a blessing that I am engaged in it!!

Love you all!
Elder Hales

Capacitacion (training meeting) with the La Serena and Coquimbo zones.  Nathan is standing in the back left.

The Coquimbo Zone

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