06 October 2011

General Conference, Soccer, and Service

Nathan doing service

What’s up? Okay so another awesome week here in Coquimbo! Two amazing days of General Conference in English! Haha.  We had eight elders who crammed in a tiny room and watched general conference online in English. It was by far the most uncomfortable ten hours, but the best ten hours of my life!!! Wow, the spirit was amazingly strong, and every single talk had personal significance to me. I can´t wait to go watch them and listen to them all again. WHoo!
A clean back yard

So in answer to many of the questions that I have received this week:

Yes there are lots of hills. Most of our area is fairly flat; however, we have some of Parte Alta as well, which is all one big hill. We live at the very top of the hill and so every night we make that walk if we don´t take a colectivo (taxi). I am probably walking hills about two or three hours every day. So, not as bad as some, and not as great as others.
A meal at a member's house

So on Friday we did service for a nice family in our branch. We spent a couple of hours cleaning out a part of their back yard. It was overgrown with vines and these nasty little shrubs that poked and stung really bad. And.... I wore shorts. Haha oops. But I have a couple of pictures of the area, and of me, and of the food afterwards.

This week has been pretty awesome. We had a night de jugar la pelota (playing soccer). We invited a bunch of jovenes (youth) to come and play soccer with us. I even invited this random guy on the street, and he came! Haha it was sweet. We had 11 investigators there, and five of them came up to us and asked to do a tour of the church. Hopefully we can start teaching their families soon!

The president of the branch took six of us missionaries to a restaurant in between the sessions on Saturday. It was a Chinese restaurant in Chile. Weird. I had to order Chinese food in Spanish. Haha that was fun, and I ended up eating some pretty good food!

This is the last week of the transfer and I am praying that Elder Yorgason stays here in Llano because I know that the work is going to explode here very very soon. I can´t waittt!!

Elder Hales

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