21 September 2011

Nathan and his companion, Elder Yorguson
Qué tal??

Okay so I have so many cool stories that I want to tell you all about, but I will have to settle for just a few. This has been a crazy week here in Coquimbo because it is the week of fiestas for the indepence day here in Chile. The 18th was independence day, but today is that peak of the parties. This started a full ten days ago! People from all over Chile are here visiting Coquimbo becuase we have the Pamilla. The pampilla is basically a huge cerro (hill) near the ocean where people go to party. There are tons of negocios (businesses) that have things that are dirt cheap. So naturally there are thousands of people at this place. There are concerts and cerveza barrato (cheap beer), and for that there are so many borrachos (drunks)! Whoo its a mess. We have some awesome investigators near the pampilla, but we can´t go over there past 7, because we stick out like sore thumbs to the eyes of every borracho. De hecho (in fact), we got chased up a hill by this borracho (quite a feat on his part) and he kept telling me how God is in his heart and trying to get out. Hahaha super funny.

So basically every person that we have contacted ( a bunch!) have been from somewhere else. We have been having a little bit of a tough time here in llano with the work. We have some decent people, but they just aren´t progressing. We have had to really go through and start cleaning out every person who isn´t progressing. So lots of finding and leaving. We are pretty much on our feet all day. Yeah!

But the amazing thing is that I see miracles on a daily basis. Every single day I am blessed. Okay so we had two different trainings this week. We had president Corbridge come and give us a four hour talk. It changed my mission. Changed my life! He went through and answered just about every question that I had about how I can be an effective missionary. It was AMAZING! He taught us the Most Important Thing. Basically it comes down to this. Out of everything that we teach someone, how much can they repeat back in a week? Almost nothing! So what is it that we can teach them that would be the most important thing to know? Basically, the MIT is this: We have a vision of our destination, the route to get there, and what we need to do to follow it. The greatest gift of God in this life is the gift of the Holy Ghost. We have the constant companionship of a Diety. Through following Jesus Christ, and ONLY through His atoning sacrifice, can we prepare ourselves for the life after this. If we do this we can, with our families, gain eternal life, the greatest of all the gifts of God (DyC 14:7). Cool huh? We also had an awesome capacitación (training) with President Gillespie yesterday. Super powerful!

I love you guys! Qué les vaya bien!!

Elder Hales

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