30 January 2010

Letter to the Family Jan. 26th

Hey guys,

So I got transferred! I got assigned to be the coordinator of the housing in the offices! I was so surpised, I honestly didn´t expect anything like this. But now a lot of things change. My p day will be on saturdays. I´ll be in the Office everyday from 9-4, and then we go out and work. I´m in a trio with Elder Coria, who is the secretary of President Argyle, and Elder Paz, who I am going to replace. He´ll be with me one transfer, and then I stay for a LONG time. Ususally 6-9 months...But I´m excited and I´m sure the Lord is answering my prayers. I was super tired after a tough 3 months and I think I´ll be able to recuperate a little bit, while still having success (the area here is pretty succcessful and my companions are great!) The assistants were in our ward, but recently changed. Anyway, I´ll be working some with the assistants and I´m hoping to learn a ton. I´ll email you on Saturday with more things. Anyway, I love ya and thanks for everything.

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