30 January 2010

The new Transfer and lots of packages


So I'm chillin here in some AC in the offices of Buenos Aires North Mission. haha. I got transferred to the offices and now I´m in charge of all the departments ( He means "apartments") for the whole mission. Haha you have no idea how surprised I was. It was seriously the last place I thought I'd be serving, but its gotta get done and like I always say, GIT R DONE. Haha I actually never say that but every other kid in Grays Creek has it plastered on his truck, tractor, gun, and hat. So my companions are Elder Paz (who is training me and who I will replace) and Elder Coria (the presidents secretary). They both are way awesome. And our area, Virreyes 2, is way sweet. It’s a branch, but the members are super cool and help us a ton. We are in the office from 9-4 Monday through Friday and then we go out and teach from 4-9. It’s a disadvantage, but my two comps have been baptizing like crazy here and I think we can continue. We already have some great investigators.
So, from what I can see, my biggest job will be dealing with landlords, who are often times angry haha. We´ll see how my Spanish holds up against a crazy old man yelling Spanish on the phone that the missionaries who live in his apartment flooded the hall or something. I'm the first non-latin to have this job for a while, so we´ll see if the missionaries have somewhere to live in a month. Nah jk, I'm not too worried.

Ok so something super hilarious happened this week. A lady from our branch was leaving the office one day, and she´s kind of heavier. Well, she left, and we waited a little bit for her to leave the gate, but didn’t check to see if she had passed by the gate. Then we pressed the button to shut the automatic gate. I guess she got delayed and walked kind of slow or something because we heard yelling. When we went outside, this lady was stuck in the gate and another lady passing by was yanking and pulling on the gate to help her get loose! I guess as she was leaving, the gate started to leave (he means "close"). She took her chances and made a sprint for it, but just missed it and, with her unusual bodily structure, was squeezed in the automatic gate and couldn’t get out! Well, she ended up leaving a little upset, but now is just fine and laughs about it.

Also, I got packages from the Wilders (who are competing with my parents in number of packages. Yes, it’s a competition. And the leader gets my prayers at night and all the blessings that come with it haha). Also, my family (Lauren, you are a great seamstress!) (she and Erika sewed him some BYU pajama pants) and my ´west coast cousins´(I´m gonna try to give that book of mormon away this week). Well, I´m super stoked for this transfer, hope you are too. Enjoy the cold weather.
Ciao chavones.

Elder HALES (yeah)

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