31 January 2010

Justin's Transfer Letter Dated 1-6-10

We received a letter from Justin in the mail last week. It was written on January 6th. It was a summary of his mission during November and December. Even though a lot has changed since Justin wrote this letter, we wanted to share it. Here are some of the highlights:

Transfer: #3 (Missionaries measure time in terms of transfers, which are six weeks apart. When Justin wrote this neither he nor his companion were actually moving to a new area, but another transfer period had come and gone.)

Area: Parque Chacabuco

Companion: Eduardo Zamorano from Santiago, Chile.

Christ-Like Attribute: Patience (The missionary training guide called Preach My Gospel has a whole chapter on developing Christ-like attributes. Patience is one of them. I think Justin’s companion helped him work on patience!)

Scripture: Matthew 11:28-30

Top 5 Experiences:

  1. Baptism of Judith – Judith was baptized after 2 months of teaching her. She’s way funny. She’s from Peru and moved here to work with some members in our ward. I got to baptize her. There were lots of people there to support her and 2 nonmember friends came.
  2. Baptism of Marianela – Marianela is the mother of a member and she’s been investigating the Church for a couple of years. I got to baptize her and the Spirit was super strong. She was way ready for sure.
  3. Conference with an Apostle: Elder David A. Bednar – Elder Bednar came to Buenos Aires to talk to the 3 missions here. It was way cool; he answered our questions for 3 hours straight. He talked a lot about how to teach with the Spirit. He is the coolest guy, and he’s an apostle, which makes him even cooler!
  4. Party with Maria – There was a day in the villa when a huge group of people carried around a statue/doll thing of Mary and sang, had a band marching around, and threw flower petals at people watching. They would stop at a table, sing/wail at the Mary stature, drink a round in her honor, then continue. In case you were wondering, I marched with them…haha just playing!
  5. My Birthday – Turned 20 years old. Ate some donuts.

Random Facts:

  1. Part of my mission includes Tierra del Fuego. From Buenos Aires to Tierra del Fuego you have to fly in a plane and cross like 4 other missions. It’s like flying from NYC to Florida.
  2. They don’t have peanut butter or maple syrup in Argentina.

Advice from my Companion, Elder Z - “When you fry things in your apartment, take off your tie!” (He had a bad experience).

Spiritual Thought – Study with Faith. We learned from Elder Bednar that when we have questions, we can study the scriptures trusting that the Lord will answer us in our thoughts and our feelings. EXPECT AN ANSWER!

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