30 January 2010

Note from Justin's mom

We were so excited this week to get a call from Argentina! Elder Kroff called to tell us that Justin needs an Intenational Drivers Permit to drive around and do all the errands and he told me how to go about getting it for him. (It is issued by AAA and wasn't hard to get!). But Elder Kroff and his wife are a senior missionary couple from Tooele Utah. Elder Kroff was very nice and the best part was that while I talked to him, I knew Justin was probably sitting right by him in the office! It made Bob and I want to pack up and head to Argentina to serve a mission too!

Then when Justin wrote us this week, he mentioned that Sis. Kroff writes a blog (kroffmission.blogspot.com). What a blessing! That blog has more details about Justin's mission than we would ever get out of Justin! I mean I love the boy and everything, but he just doesn't give as much detail as a mom needs! So, thank you Sister Kroff (if you're reading this) for that wonderful blog and I hope you don't mind that I'm posting some of your pictures of Elder Hales.

Elder and Sister Kroff, Elder Paz, (this is the missionary who Justin is replacing) Silvio and Gabriela Bolentini with 3 1/2 year old daughter, Antonella, Elder Hales and Elder Coria. Silvio and Gabriela cooked a wonderful Asado dinner for the office missionaries. (In the scorching heat too!)

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