06 February 2010

Living out of the kitchen cabinets!

Yo whats up homies,

haha so anyway this week Elder Paz had to leave on an emergency transfer! So I´m left in charge of everything and have been pretty stressed, mostly with just not knowing if I'm screwing something up haha. So before he left, there wasn't any room in the apartment and I had to put my clothes and other things in the kitchen cabinets! But I'm all moved in now and I'm with the coolest missionary, Elder Coria. We get along great!... he wants to be a pilot, he's clean, he works hard, we already had a special fast together, its looking great. We have a baptism scheduled for this Saturday for Melissa. Please pray for Melissa and that her father will be able to support her. So this week we did a lot of running around, changing oil in the mission car, talking to real estate companies, etc. Also, 5 cell phones in Tierra Del Fuego decided to all die at the same time, which was a nightmare. I was super stressed, but then all at once, every single one decided to work, all in different ways. Miracles even in an office. The members here are way cool, even though its a branch. Oh yeah I gotta tell you what happened on Sunday. So they didn't have a piano player, so I was like, yeah I´ll play...Haha I get up there and the first song went great. Then the sacrament hymn...I stand all amazed. Super hard song. And I slaughtered it! Elder Paz was directing and he cut me off after the first verse! Immediately after, I got up to introduce myself, and just kinda laughed it off. I think the branch still loves me. Anyway, I love it here and be ready for some great success stories and miracles from this area.

I know that this is the true church of Jesus Christ. I know because I read the Book of Mormon and prayed about it. All doubt has left my mind. The confusion, problems, crime, and families will all be fixed by doing that simple thing. Reading from the Book of Mormon and praying to know if it is true. Please, if you feel any desire to know, do this! READ AND PRAY! It will change your life. Fo sho. Anyway, I love you guys and am praying for you. This mission is the coolest thing that I´ve e
ver done!

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