01 April 2013

Nathan's Letter Dated April 1, 2013


Hey so this week we had a really special Easter experience. There is a Chinese family in my ward who have been living in Chile for about two years who invited us to join them in their Easter dinner. We had Chinese dumplings with soy sauce and chopsticks. The Lu family are so awesome! They told us that it is Chinese tradition to eat dumplings just once a year and they invited us over for the special occasion. It takes a really long time to prepare the dumplings because they are really delicate. One of the funniest parts was when the dad passed us each a clove of garlic and told us that tradition says that we have to eat the clover whole in order to help us keep eating more dumplings (there were a LOT), so my companion and I did it! Haha our breath was so bad afterwards that we had to cover our mouths while contacting people in the street. hahaha but it was really a fun experience!

This week we also had some really good lessons with the families that we are teaching. We are starting to see a lot of progress here and we are excited for the month of April. This weekend Alejandro should be getting baptized during General Conference. He is doing really well and is excited to get baptized. We have seen a big change in him and his family. He is really trusting in God and trying to help his family progress. Hopefully they will be able to go to the temple in a year to get sealed!

So yesterday I saw an awesome devotional address by Brad Wilcox from June of 2012 at BYU. He talked about the miracle of grace, and it was AWESOME. I recommend you look it up and watch it, it really changed my view of the atonement and the grace of Christ.

Les quiero muchísimo!!!

Elder Hales

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