11 February 2013

Nathan's Letter Dated Feb 11, 2013

Que tal?

Hey I had a great week full of fun trips and surprises. On Friday morning at about three in the morning my companion and I traveled all the way to Viña for a meeting that started at 8:30 am. We had a really great meeting with our mission president, and then we had the chance to work for an hour or two in Viña while we waited for our bus to leave at 8:00pm. So, we walked around talking to people and we happened to go by a backpack shop. My companion and I decided to each buy a small shoulder-bag to use, and it has probably been one of the best buys that I have done in Chile. The reason is that because of using a backpack every day for a year and a half, my back now is pretty similar to a ninety-year old man. haha so I am using the shoulder-bag to try and fix my back, and its working out alright.

So we heard that the number one tennis player in the world was with us at Viña because they are holding a big tennis tournament here. We were thinking about going to invite him to church on Sunday, but it seems like he had a match right at the hour when church starts.... otherwise we definitely would have gone!

Okay so in two weeks more José and Valentina are going to get baptized. They are both very excited and we are planning on having a big dessert party after their baptism. We are teaching a few other families who haven´t been able to go to church because everybody is enjoying vacations and are rarely home. We have been visiting the members here and we have taught a few friends or family members who are really awesome, but live in other cities and are here for vacations.

Here is a funny story for the week. Yesterday my companion and I were walking with a member to a lesson near to our house. As we were walking along, a mime came up to my companion and gave him a huge hug, and then pretended like he was going to give him a kiss! My companion took it well, but kind of freaked out and tried to push him away. All of the people in the street started laughing and the mime went around asking for money. We have seen him before during the red lights he performs tricks for the people waiting in their cars and they give him money. It was really funny for us afterwards when we realized that he was just messing around, because my companion was about ready to give him a knuckle sandwich. hahaha

Well this week my companion and I talked a lot about achieving goals and one of our quotes is, "In order to accomplish things that have never been accomplished, one must do things that have never been done." well, it sounds better in Spanish, haha. But the point is that if we want different results in our life from those that we normally have, we must begin to change and do things that we have never done before. In the spiritual sense, if we do not have peace or happiness that last in our life, we must change. This change is called repentance. When we repent of our old way of living, we make the firm decision to do things differently. Our vision of the world, God, and ourselves changes and we are given power from on high to live differently. This new style of life brings us closer to God and the things that are most important in life.

I love you guys,

Elder Hales

Attending Zone Leader Training in Vina

Push Up Time??

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