11 February 2013

Nathan's Letter Dated Jan 28, 2013


Hey guys, so I had a really great birthday yesterday. We fasted until lunch and then we had a great lunch of chicken and noodles with an awesome salad. Then, we went and taught Daniel, a really awesome father who is going through a pretty rough time with his family. He lives with his two daughters (14 and 10) and they are full of lots of faith. They were probably the best birthday present I could have received. After finding that family, we went and taught other families, including the Castillo Family, our family of investigators who went to church yesterday. The Castillo family is a part member family that we found last week. Francisco, María José, and José are the three kids and Gloria is the mom. We first found María, the grandma, and we are now teaching the whole family. Gloria and Maria are members of the church, and the three kids have desires to get baptized as well. José went to church yesterday, because the other two were out of town. We also had the Salinas family at church yesterday. The Salinas family consists of the mom, Paola, and the three kids, Cristobal, Valentina, and Carlitos. Paola got baptized 8 months ago (when I was here in La Serena last year) and her three kids are not members... yet!

Another birthday present that I received this year is a new apartment!!! Whoo!!! My companion and I found a brand new apartment to rent and we worked out the contract this week and today in the afternoon we are moving in. I will definitely send pictures next week. The best part is that we are right in the middle of downtown, and close to everything.
Everything is going really well here in La Serena. We are working our tails off, and we are getting very blessed. I finished the Book of Mormon again this week, and I am starting again this week. Do you have any suggestions about things to look for or ways to mark in order to make the most out of reading?? 
Un abrazo fuerte,
Elder Hales

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