31 December 2012

Nathan's Letter Dated Dec 21, 2012

This week seemed very normal! We had a fun time on Tuesday (Christmas Day), and we were back to working like normal on Wednesday. The most exciting part of the week was talking the family. Everybody seemed so much older!! The second most exciting part was that BRUNO GOT BAPTIZED!!!!!!!!!!! Vamossssssssssssss!!! haha it was really a fun baptism. I will send some pictures along with the email. The coolest part of the baptism was the experience of Magale. Magale is the best friend of Bruno’s mom, and she went to church and the baptism with her daughter. Magale has shared with the missionaries a few times, and she always feels good when they teach. Magale felt the spirit really strong during Bruno’s baptism. She said that she felt her chest burn and an overwhelming feeling of peace came over her. She had to leave the room because she couldn`t control herself. Well, we went to Bruno’s house the same day and taught Magale about baptism. She accepted to be baptized because she knew that what she had felt came from God and it was a confirmation that what Bruno was doing was right.

Today we will be celebrating new year´s eve at our apartment. We have permission to stay up late, and we will be able to see the fireworks from our house. Apparently, Valparaiso, Chile has the best New Year’s celebration in all of South America. Millions of people come to see the fireworks that are supposed to be the best on this side of the world. We are thinking about making homemade cheesy breadsticks and barbeque ribs. We will see how it all turns out.

Elder Hales


Bruno's Baptism 


Elder Juarez, Bruno, Elder Hales, Bruno's Mom 


Elder Hales and Elder Fuimano 

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