07 January 2013

Hey Guys!!

Well today we had a district activity. We went to a member´s house and we watched a movie about the beginning of the church and it was really good!
So last week was full of surprises. However, I am going to tell you guys about one of the best lessons of my life that we had on saturday morning. Okay, so it is really a longish story, but I will try to be brief.
My companion and I were looking for a house when we saw a young guys smoking outside his house. We went to talk to him, but he really wasn´t that interested. However, before we left his friend got there and started talking to me in english. He really wasn`t that interested in our message either, so we asked him if he knew anybody that could be interested. He told us about a family that lived nearby and gave us vague directions and a name. Well, a week later we found the family and gave them a book of mormon and set up a return appointment. Saturday morning we got to the house and they gave us the book back and seemed like they really didn`t have much interest either. They are all active members of the Catholic church and very well versed in that doctrine. The kids are all studying in college and are all very smart people. But, they had a question or two about Jesus Christ coming to the American continent, and they let us come in to explain more. Well, we began explaining the Restoration of the church of Jesus Christ through the prophet Joesph Smith. They began to understand the need of a latter-day restoration of the lost truths of the gospel. At the beginning of the lesson the oldest son just sat in the backround reading a book and we were just teaching the two daughters. I knew he was listening though, because his eyes weren`t moving, and he never turned the page. hahaha Towards the end of the lesson I asked the oldest son, who is 24 and a medical student, what our message would mean to him if it were true. He thought for a second and then told us that if our message was true than the world needs a lot more missionaries, and God Himself sent us to deliver His message.
It was one of the most powerful experiences of my life. They all understood perfectly what we taught and the Spirit testified to them that it was true. Awesome!!
Well, that was my experience of the week. I love you guys!

Elder Hales

P.S. I want to give a shoutout to the Hancock family, if they are reading this. Your son is an amazing missionary!

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